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Electric Vehicle Insurance

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What does EV Insurance Include?

GoSkippy cover is 5* Defaqto rated and our EV cover has all the benefits of our standard policy but also includes:

  • Cover for your EV charging cable
  • Battery and wall box
  • Access to ZoomEV’s* bundle, so you can feel like a true EV VIP

*You will need to register for ZoomEV access. You will receive the details for this via email the day after the start date of your policy.

Frequently asked questions

How do I cancel my car insurance?

There are a few ways to do this. We have an easy to complete form, which captures all the required information, or you can email our cancellations team at: If you prefer to speak to someone, just call us on 0344 840 6302 or visit our live chat.

When is my car insurance due?

We send out Renewal Invitation 21 Days before the end of your insurance policy to inform you that your policy is up for renewal. In this renewal invitation you will be quoted for the upcoming year. You then have a choice as to whether you would like to renew the policy or let it lapse. Depending on your particular insurer, sometimes policies will automatically renew, so act as soon as you get the renewal letter to make sure you have the cover you want.

Do I have to inform you if I am going to Europe on holiday, do I need a green card? Also, do I need to pay for cover abroad?

Please contact us if you plan on travel abroad. This is so we can confirm that you have the correct cover for the countries you are visiting. If you are travelling in the EU you currently do not need a Green Card to travel.

Am I covered to drive in Europe?

Yes, we do offer EU cover. However, there will be some details which we will need to take from you if you plan to travel to Europe. You can contact us to discuss this further using our live chat or by calling us on 0344 840 6302.

Bundle Benefits:

The GoSkippy EV Benefits Bundle connects you to discounts on the essential services you need to run your EV in your first year of ownership. You’ll be given access to 12 months of EV Benefits as part of your GoSkippy EV Insurance.

Public Charging

Public Charging
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Home-Charger -Discounts

Home Charger Discounts
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