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Home Insurance

Many people underestimate the value of their home and its contents and consequently under–insure their home and belongings. This can result in considerable financial loss in the event of either theft or fire. GoSkippy brings you cheap home insurance and peace of mind through a full range of optional extras and excellent customer service.

Home insurance cover comes in two parts – Buildings Insurance and Contents Insurance and these will cover you against theft, fire, lightening, explosion, earthquake and storm damage.  You can choose either one or both of these based on your needs.

If you’re a homeowner, most mortgage lenders insist you have buildings cover in place to protect their investment, however contents insurance is purely to cover your assets within and away from the home. The cover our insurers provide will cover your buildings for the structure, fixtures and fittings of your home, for example the roof, walls, ceilings, floors, kitchens and bathroom suites. The contents cover will cover the whole contents of your home – if you were to turn your house upside down then whatever falls out would be seen as your contents. Items such as furniture and clothes. We also offer accidental damage, as an optional extra, on all of our policies to cover you in the event of an accident.

GoSkippy’s home insurance offers you a choice of three types of cover;

  • Combined Buildings & Contents
  • Buildings Only
  • Contents Only

We also offer a wide range of policies, from our panel of insurers, that will cover:

  • Unoccupied properties
  • Landlords – buy to let
  • Specialist policies that will over – subsidence, landslip, heave, convictions and flooding

We understand that your home may be your most valuable asset so it’s important we get the right cover for you.

Why Choose GoSkippy Home Insurance?


GoSkippy provides low cost home insurance as well as giving you the option to customise your cover with our excellent inclusive benefits and range of optional extras.

Added protection

We offer home emergency extension cover which protects any boiler breakdowns, sudden leaks, failure of water, gas or electricity supply. As well as worldwide all risk insurance to cover your possessions aboard, for extra security.

Optional extras

Create your perfect house insurance package with our range of insurance additional products including; legal cover, key cover, appliance cover and home emergency cover.

Self-help service

If you are in a rush, we have a fantastic ‘self-help’ service where you can find answers to your questions about home insurance without having to call in.

Online customer service

You can also find help through social media, where a team of our customer service agents are ready and waiting to help you with your home insurance.   You can chat our agents from 9am – 8pm Mon-Fri. 9am – 6pm Saturday.

Competitive rates

Get your home insurance quote today from as little as £56 per year*

*Based upon our lowest paid premiums from 31st Oct’ 16 to 31st May 17.

Our Happy Home Insurance Customers

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Frequently Asked Home Insurance Questions

Why do I need home insurance? And do I have to have it?

Home Insurance gives you peace of mind. Unlike driving a car, you can legally own a home without household insurance. However, if you have bought your home with a mortgage your lender will probably require you to have home insurance coverage to protect your home. It can be suprisingly expensive to cover the costs of replacing items in the event of a burglary or fire.

Contents insurance covers any item that is not part of your home such as goods, furniture and other valuables.

What is accidental damage cover?

Accidental damage cover is designed to insure the policyholder’s possessions against damage caused by acts of negligence – for example, spillages and breakages in the home. With the buildings and contents, we either offer standard buildings and new for old contents, or we can increase the cover to include accidental damage on one of both of them.

Will my personal items be covered away from the home as standard on the policy?

You can increase your cover by adding our all-risk cover to ensure your personal possessions are covered outside of your home, with an additional fee. Unfortunately, it is not included in your standard policy, many people mistakenly think that the personal possessions they take with them away from the home are also covered as standard.

How do I know how much cover cover I need?

The figure you choose should represent the total value of the possessions in your home for contents cover. This excludes the main building, such as walls, windows and your roof, which are covered under a buildings policy.

Your buildings sum insured is usually given to you when you buy/mortgage the property, if you’re still unsure of what this is a building surveyor would be able to tell you this.

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If you are thinking of insuring your home, familiarise yourself with the eligibility criteria needed before you run through a competitive quote online or speak to one of our sales agents.

To ensure our insurers and credit providers have the necessary facts to assess your insurance risk, verify your identity, to help prevent fraud, it is important that you provide accurate information. Please take reasonable care to answer all the questions honestly and to the best of your knowledge. If you don’t answer the questions correctly, your home insurance policy may be cancelled, or your claim rejected or not fully paid. Please note, our insurance policies are for UK residents only.

Optional Extras

We give you the option to upgrade your home insurance with a number of optional extras including:

  • Legal cover
  • Key cover
  • Appliance cover
  • Home emergency

Home emergency cover from £50.99

  • Covered for burst pipes or sudden leakage
  • Failure of domestic water mains supply or electrify supply
  • Total failure or breakdown of your primary heating system
  • Roofing, down piping or guttering failing and further water damage
  • 24-hour emergency help

Appliance cover from £34.99

  • Cover for your cooker, microwave oven, fridge/freezer and washing machine
  • Unlimited access to a claims helpline to access policy service
  • If an appliance is beyond repair, we will supply a replacement
  • £500 cover for labour, parts, callout charges and VAT for each claim

Types Of Home Insurance Cover

What does buildings and contents insurance offer?

If you lost everything in your home, would you be covered? Having contents insurance is a must for ensuring that you have peace of mind when you leave your home.

What does buildings only insurance offer?

Buildings insurance is designed to cover any damage caused to the psychical structure of the building. If your home were to subside, burn, or be damaged by extreme weather, your buildings insurance policy covers the costs of rebuilding or repair.

What does home contents insurance offer?

Having contents insurance is a must for ensuring that you have peace of mind when you leave your home. Contents cover insures all the material goods in your home which do not form part of the building’s structure. This may include your furniture, appliances like your fridge and washing machine, electrical appliances such as your TV, clothing, jewellery etc. – In short, everything which matters most to you.

We are always here to help

We have a fantastic online customer service team; our home insurance experts can assist you with all of your insurance questions. You can chat to them via our social media pages linked below:

Prefer to find the answers yourself? Visit our Self Help service by clicking the icon to the bottom-right of this website.

Alternatively speak to one of our home insurance experts by calling customer service on: 0344 776 5311

*Based upon our lowest paid premiums from 31st Oct’ 16 to 31st May 17.