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Van Insurance

GoSkippy is committed to bringing you cheap van insurance, providing you personal cover to suit your private and business usage needs. Over 21,000 people have van insurance with us because they believe our range of van cover and competitive prices suits their budget, ensuring they receive the best van insurance for them.

GoSkippy knows that insuring your van is crucial. Without adequate cover, you run the risk of financial losses which will have a direct impact on your business and personal life. The longer your van is out of commission, the bigger the impact.

We know that customers love to compare van insurance quotes online. So, to save you time searching for support products to add to your insurance and breakdown needs, we also offer a large range of competitively priced additional products to complement your van insurance.

Find the right cover for you and compare van insurance with GoSkippy today – we’ve got a complete range to suit many trades and personal usage.

Why choose GoSkippy Van Insurance?


GoSkippy are committed to bringing you Cheap van insurance whilst providing you with the right level of cover.


We understand that artisans like plumbers, florists and other service industry workers are reliant on their vans to ensure an income. Your van insurance policy should reflect the demands of your individual business.


GoSkippy offer a range of van insurance add-ons such as RAC Breakdown and Tools Cover, so you can create the perfect insurance cover for your driving needs.

24/7 access

Have control of your van insurance policy by logging into your personal portal, which you can access any time you need. Within your portal, you can amend your cover, send us your documents, request particular documents and you can rest easy that your cover is up to date.

Help yourself service

If you are busy and have little time but need to talk to us, we have a handy ‘self-help’ service . This can be found by clicking the question mark in the bottom right corner of our website.  Find answers to your questions about van insurance without having to call in.

Competitive rates

Take our your van insurance policy from prices as little as £138.08 per year*

*Based upon our lowest paid premiums from 31st Oct’ 16 to 31st May 17

Frequently asked van insurance questions

Can I transfer my car insurance no claims bonus to my van insurance?

Yes, you are able to use your car insurance No Claims Bonus from your Car policy onto your new Van policy.

Can I insure my van under a company name?

Yes, we certainly can offer you van insurance cover under a company name.

Do you cover me if I only use my van for personal use and not for business?

Yes, we provide van insurance cover for personal use.

Are my tools covered if I insure with you?

This is not inclusive with your standard policy however we do offer Tool Cover as an optional extra.

Do you cover couriers?

Unfortunately, GoSkippy does not currently offer cover for couriers. However, we are partnered with Business Choice Direct who specialise in Courier Insurance.

Do you offer Business Van Insurance?

Unfortunately, GoSkippy cannot cover you for Business Van Insurance, however, we are Partnered with Business Choice Direct who specialise in Business Insurance.

What is the difference between commercial van and private van use?

Commercial insurance policies covers you when you use your van for business purposes. If you are unsure if you require commercial van cover, please give our van experts a call today.

Private van insurance is needed if you have a van and drive it for purely social reasons, such as family trips, going to the supermarket and taking part in hobbies and activities.

What happens if my van is stolen?

If your van is stolen, you will need to contact the relevant claims team. Please refer to your policy documents for the correct contact details, alternatively you can complete a claim form online:

Have more questions about van insurance?  Visit our FAQ’s

What Do Our Happy Van Insurance Customers say?

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Very easy to use and fast reply and communication by email msg clear explained and just price anyone who wants to insure I recommend it . I don't speak English and hade...
Posted 2 hours ago
Seems really good
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Optional Extras

We give you the option to upgrade your van insurance with a number of optional extras including Tool Cover, Mis-fuelling van cover, RAC van Breakdown and Key Care Cover.

Optional Tool Cover, £500 worth of cover for £40*

  • Your property is covered whilst it is being loaded on or into, carried or transported by, or temporarily stored in or unloaded from your vehicle.
  • 24 hour claims line.

Mis-fuelling protect from £16.99*

  • With our mis-fuelling cover, we arrange for your fuel tank to be drained and washed out at the roadside. It will also be topped back up with 10 litres of the right fuel for your vehicle.
  • If needed, a specialist will recover you and up to 6 passengers and take you to the closest repair centre to drain and flush the fuel tank and replenish with 10 litres of the correct fuel. You will also have access to a dedicated emergency help line.

Types of van insurance cover

Take some time to compare van insurance types of cover:

What does comprehensive insurance offer?

Comprehensive cover insures against any accident that you may have, whether it’s your fault or not. This includes damage caused to your van when it is unattended, such as a vandalism incident or a hit and run. However, whether or not it is your fault, claims can result in loss of No Claims Bonus, so check before you claim. Comprehensive cover also covers your legal liability to third parties (including damage to their vehicle or compensation for injuries sustained if the accident was your fault). The cover extends to fire damage to your van, or damage arising out of the theft or attempted theft of your van.

What does Third Party, Fire and Theft insurance offer?
Your legal liability to third parties is covered (including damage to their vehicle or compensation for injuries sustained if the accident was your fault). The cover also extends to fire damage to your van, or damage arising out of the theft or attempted theft of your van.
What does provisional insurance offer?
As younger drivers are statistically more likely to be involved in accidents and have a limited amount of experience driving it is important that they are insured. Provisional insurance offers teenagers and young people cover until such time that they pass their driving test. GoSkippy offers competitive quotes and low monthly premiums, especially if a more experienced motorist, such as a parent or other adult, is listed as the main driver on the provisional policy.

We are here to help

GoSkippy offer you an excellent online customer service team; our Van insurance experts are more than happy to assist you with any of your van insurance questions. You can also choose to talk to to them via our social media pages linked below:

Prefer to find the answers yourself? Visit our Self Help service by clicking the icon to the bottom-right of this website.

Speak to one of our Van Insurance Experts by calling customer service on: 0344 776 5308