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Motorcycle Insurance

Bike Insurance

Never heard of us? We are actually one of the quickest growing brokers in the UK.
Over 13,600 people already insure their motorbikes with us. Our cover and price suits their budgets.
We understand that some customers like to compare cheap motorcycle insurance quotes online. GoSkippy offers you cheap bike insurance. We cover all the necessary motorcycle insurance requirements. We protect you against any eventuality, so you can find everything you need in one place.
We have three levels of cover, including;
  • Provisional cover
  • Third Party, Fire and Theft
  • Comprehensive
Motorbike insurance is a legal requirement in the UK. Before hitting the open road make sure you have the correct insurance cover. We understand that every rider and every bike are different. Whether you are a motorbike enthusiast or simply enjoy escaping for leisurely weekends, we have the right cover for you. Compare bike insurance quotes today. Get your cheap motorcycle insurance today with GoSkippy! You can also find us on top bike insurance comparison sites.

Why choose GoSkippy Bike Insurance?

Low cost

Compare motorbike insurance policies through GoSkippy. You can pick the best price and cover to suit your needs. We offer budget motorbike insurance as well as giving you the option to tailor your cover.


Whether you are an avid motorcycle enthusiast. Own a high-performance superbike. Or simply drive a moped on your daily commute to work, we have the ideal bike insurance product for you.

Optional extras

We have a range of bike insurance add ons. Including helmet and leathers cover and substitute bike cover. We can create the perfect package for your needs.

24/7 policy access

You can take control of your bike insurance policy day or night. Log into your online customer portal. Here you can check or make changes to your cover. You can request and send documents and have peace of mind that your cover is up to date.

Self-help service

If you are in a rush, we have a fantastic ‘self-help’ service. Here you can find answers to your questions about bike insurance without having to call in.

Online customer service

You can also find help through live chat. Our team of our customer service agents are ready and waiting to help you with your bike insurance.   You can chat with our agents from 9am – 8pm Mon-Fri. 9am – 6pm Saturday.

Competitive rates

We have access to a panel of insurers so you can compare bike insurance direct through GoSkippy. Find a policy which suits your needs and budget best. Get your bike insurance quote today from as little as £148 per year*

*Based upon our lowest paid premiums from Southern Rock in December 2018

Motorbike insurance frequently asked questions

Are my motorbike leathers covered?

This is not included in standard cover. We do offer an optional extra for helmet and leathers cover.

How old do I have to be to ride a motorbike, moped or scooter?

You are legally required to be 16 year old to ride a motorbike. You will first need to apply for a provisional licence, followed by completing your CBT.

What is a CBT?

A CBT is your Compulsory Basic Training, which is a course you need take to be able to ride a motorcycle on public roads.

Can I use my No Claims Bonus from my car policy?

No, unfortunately you cannot transfer car No Claims Discount onto your bike policy.

Am I covered to ride another person's bike?

This will depend on the level of cover purchased and the term of your chosen policy. Check your certificate of motor insurance. This will tell you whether your policy covers you while you are riding any other motorcycle. Log into the portal to find this.

My bike has modifications, can I still get cover?

This will depend on the modifications. Details of modifications will need to be referred to the insurer to confirm if they will cover the bike or not.

Can I carry passengers?

We do offer pillion cover with some of our policies. If you are covered to carry pillions, it will be stated on your certificate of motor insurance.

How do I get bike Insurance?
You can receive a bike insurance quote direct online. You can give us a call or find us on bike insurance comparison sites.
Please ensure you have the details of your motorbike. You need the history, your driver information, and your required start date. 

Have more questions about bike insurance?  Visit our FAQ’s

Our Bike Insurance Happy Customers

Don’t just take our word for it

Fast and cheapest
Posted 3 days ago
Very easy to get insurance with, good price even with declared modifications, fast email service on completion
Posted 3 days ago

What information do I need to get a motorbike insurance quote?

Please ensure you are able to answer the following questions:
What is make and model of your motorbike?
It would be helpful if you had your registration number. We can use it to complete some of the details for you.
Has your bike have any modifications since manufacture?
If so, we need to know. If you are unsure, you can check whether your vehicle is fitted with one by referring to your vehicle log book.
How long have you held your motorbike licence for?
Please ensure you enter this accurately. You can check your driving licence for the exact date you passed your test.
What year was your motorbike manufactured?
You can find this information in your vehicle registration documents. (V5C log book) or by checking with the DVLA.
Have you had any claims or convictions in the last 5 years?
We need to know if you’ve has any incidents, accidents or claims or convictions, regardless of fault.
Does your motorbike have any security devices fitted since manufacture?
If you are unsure, you can check whether your vehicle is fitted with one by referring to your vehicle log book.
Do you know the value of your motorbike?
Your bike value is dependent on mileage, condition and age. Bike value plays a part in calculating the cost of your insurance. If you’re not sure, there are many websites that can give you an estimate.


If you are investing in a motorcycle or scooter, familiarise yourself with the eligibility criteria. Check what is needed before you run through a competitive quote online or speak to one of our sales agents.
To ensure our insurers and credit providers have the necessary facts. They need to assess your insurance risk, verify your identity, to help prevent fraud. It is important that you provide accurate information. Please take reasonable care to answer all the questions. Please answer honestly and to the best of your knowledge. Your policy may be cancelled. Or your claim rejected or not fully paid if questions are not answered correctly.
You and any other driver
  • Are aged between 17-74.
  • Hold a valid UK or EU driver’s license, and are permanent residents in the UK. Please note, our insurance policies are for UK residents only.
  • Do not have any non-motoring convictions which are not spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act.
  • Have never been refused insurance. Or had special terms or cancellation imposed on previous insurance policies.
Your no claims bonus
  • Has been earned in the UK from a private bike policy, and is not being used on another vehicle.
  • Your no claims bonus is no more than 2 years old.

Optional Extras

We give you the opportunity to upgrade your bike insurance. We have a number of optional extras including;
  • Helmet and leathers
  • Key cover
  • RAC bike breakdown
  • Legal expenses
  • Substitute bike cover


Bike Helmet

Helmet and Leathers cover from £50.99

  • Repair damaged helmet or clothing
  • Replace leathers damaged beyond repair
  • Up to £1,500 of cover per annum (exclusions apply)

Replacement vehicle cover from £23.99

  • A hire vehicle will be provided if your vehicle is stolen. Or or damaged or deemed un-drivable after an accident with another vehicle.
  • Replacement vehicle provided if your vehicle is stolen. Or immobilised as a result of an attempted theft, vandalism, or criminal damage.
  • 24-hour helpline, so you can speak to us day or night.

Types of bike insurance cover

What does comprehensive insurance offer?
This covers you against any accident that you may have, whether it’s your fault or not. This includes damage caused to your bike when it is unattended, such as a vandalism incident or a hit and run. However, whether or not it is your fault, claims can result in loss of No Claims Bonus, so check before you claim. Comprehensive cover also covers your legal liability to third parties. This includes damage to their vehicle. Or compensation for injuries sustained if the accident was your fault. The cover extends to fire damage to your bike, or damage arising out of the theft or attempted theft of your bike.
What does Third Party, Fire and Theft insurance offer?

Your legal liability to third parties is covered. This includes damage to their vehicle. Or compensation for injuries sustained if the accident was your fault. The cover also extends to fire damage to your bike. Or damage arising out of the theft or attempted theft of your bike.

What does provisional insurance offer?

As younger drivers are statistically more likely to be involved in accidents. They have a limited amount of experience driving it is important that they are insured. Provisional insurance offers teenagers and young people. Also older provisional drivers. Cover until such time that they pass their drivers license. GoSkippy offers competitive quotes and low monthly premiums. Especially if a more experienced motorist, such as a parent is the main driver on the provisional policy.

We are always here to help

We have a fantastic online customer service team; chat to our bike insurance experts on live chat. They can assist you with all of your insurance questions.

Prefer to find the answers yourself? Visit our Self Help service by clicking the icon to the bottom-right of this website.

Speak to one of our Bike Insurance Experts by calling customer service on: 0344 776 5748

Did you know that most of our customers save time by purchasing a policy online quickly and easily via our website, There is a small admin fee of £10 to purchase a policy over the phone, which will be added to the annual policy arrangement fee.