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What if the other driver disputes the accident and says it’s my fault?


We will always try to fight your corner and to do this we may ask you to complete an Accident Report for providing an accurate and detailed description of how the incident occurred. This can include sketch showing will vehicles in any road markings, and the
position of the vehicles before and after Impact.

Independent witness statements and police reports can also be used as evidence and consist in receiving admission of ability from the other diver’s Insurer. Also, if you have any dash-cam footage of the incident, please forward a copy to Us as a matter of urgency. Similarly, if you are aware of any CCTV cameras at the accident location, please makes us aware A.S.A.P, as quite often there is a time limit on obtaining copies before is the footage is deleted, this can often be site as 14 days.

It is important to note that the more evidence we have available the greater our chances of successfully holding the Third Party at fault.