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What does ‘Classes of use’ mean?


There are three main classes of use. Social, Domestic & Pleasure (SDP), Commuting for Private Use and Business Class. Business class is split into 1 and 2.

1. Social, Domestic and Pleasure

This is the most common class of use and is applicable to virtually all policies. Cover includes use of the vehicle for things like shopping, the school run or visiting relatives.

2. Commuting for Private Use

In addition to the above, cover includes commuting to one fixed place of work, or educational establishment in the case of persons in full time education.

3. Business Class 1

This permits the policyholder (and/or spouse only where stated on certificate) to use the car for travel. This travel must be between multiple fixed places of work in addition to social domestic and pleasure use. Common occupations that might require such class of use would include a supply teacher, a care worker who drives to see various patients, or any person who might have to work at more than one location. This cover excludes use of the vehicle as a tool of trade.

4. Business Class 2

This class will extend the cover under Business Class 1 (above) to any named drivers on the policy. Most insurance companies will require both the policyholder and the named driver to use the car for the same business. For example, the insured and the named driver cannot use the vehicle in connection with different businesses. As above, this covers excludes commercial usage including delivering goods or selling products.