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What is covered in the ZoomEv Package?


The GoSkippy EV Benefits Bundle connects you to discounts on the essential services you need to run your EV in your first year of ownership. You’ll be given access to 12 months of EV Benefits as part of your GoSkippy EV Insurance.

  • Public charging: Offers on public charging across the UK with leading charging providers.
  • Home Charger Discounts: For people with off-street parking, home charging is the easiest way to stay fully charged. Home charging options are compatible with all EVs, include warranties and have payment plans available.
  • EV Parking Discounts: Discount on nationwide parking with many locations fitted with EV charging points.
  • Charging Cable Discounts: Get a discount on the purchase of premium charging cables with multiple types and lengths available.
  • Home Energy: Access to green cost-effective energy plans available for EV drivers.
  • Charger Sharing: A community-led solution which helps people without a home charger to charge conveniently.

You can find out more about the ZoomEv Package here. The Benefits in the Bundle last for 12 months from the time you subscribe.

For the ins and outs of our EV Benefits Bundle, read Zoom’s full Terms and conditions here.

If you need help signing up to the Bundle, call the Zoom EV team on 01565 818 606.