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If you write off my vehicle as a total loss, how do you calculate how much will I receive in settlement?


If you have fully comprehensive cover, one of our engineers will inspect your car and place a value on it, this is based on the current market value of the vehicle which is based on market trends and car value guides.

We consider your cars condition including bodywork, mileage, interior and service history. Once the engineer has completed their report, we will carry out a series of industry database checks designed to safeguard our policyholders against fraud.

Once these are complete, payment will be sent to you, subject to the deductions i.e. outstanding finance, outstanding premiums, and excess as per the conditions of your policy.

If you have Third Party Fire and Theft cover, this means we cover damage to any third party in the event of an accident with your vehicle, i.e. another driver, but are unable to deal with any damage caused to your vehicle including a total loss.