A lot of driving laws are black and white, however some are a little less obvious. Here we look at the driving laws we could be breaking on a daily basis.


  • Driving too slowly can be classed as ‘Carless Driving’. Depending on circumstances, a police officer may pull you over and can issue anything from a verbal warning up to 9 points.


  • Following the new child seat laws, allowing a passenger to hold a baby whilst travelling may lead to a £100 fine. It’s part of a wider project to encourage parents to take better care of their little ones while driving.


  • You could face an on the spot fine of £200 if you pay at a drive-through using your mobile phone’s contactless app. The Drive Through is technically a public highway.


  • Splashing pedestrians with puddles (No seriously) can be considered ‘driving without due care or consideration’. Punishment may include points and a fine.


  • Playing loud music from your car can result in a verbal warning from The Police. If this is ignored your car can be seized.


  • Leaving your car parked on a single yellow line could result in £130 fine.


  • Swearing and rude hand gestures towards other road users is seen as ‘disorderly behaviour’, and may result in a fine.


  • Sleeping in your car whilst intoxicated will result in at least 10 penalty points, as well as a large fine.


  • You may be fined £50 for forgetting to turn your lights on when it is dark.


  • Driving in the fast lane with a trailer or caravan is dangerous, and can result in a £2,500 fine and 3 penalty points.


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