You can legally own a home without homeowners insurance. However, if you finance your home with a mortgage, your lender most likely will require you to have home insurance coverage to protect your home in case of damage cause by unforeseen circumstances, such as floods, fires or natural disasters.

Having insurance is essential. Your home will most likely be the biggest investment you make in your life. Could you imagine what it would cost to rebuild your home and recover the loss after a fire? Make sure that both the contents and the building structure is sufficiently secure.

If you’re not the home owner, there is no law saying you have to buy home insurance, but an increasing number of lettings agents are making contents insurance compulsory. Even if they don’t, it’s well worth considering if you don’t want to risk losing out on a large chunk of your deposit.GoSkippy’s home insurance covers all the basics and we even offer additional cover that are very affordable. This includes insurance for your appliances and more.
We offer affordable and flexible insurance that is tailored to suit your budget. Even if you choose to rent out your home, you will still need insurance. In this case, we can offer you the option of tenants insurance, which provides cover for any accidental loss or damage to buildings or contents that make up your rental property.

Many people underestimate the value of their home and its contents, consequently under–insure their home and belongings. This can result in considerable financial loss in the event of either theft or fire.

When it comes to insuring your home, there is a difference between insuring the building and insuring the contents of the building. Get an online quote or simply speak to one of our friendly specialist agents to find out how GoSkippy could help you save on your home and contents insurance to ensure you get the right policy that suits you.

How much can GoSkippy offer me on my home insurance?