Hairdressers? This is one for you ….

It probably won’t come as any surprise to hairdressers and beauticians that news out this week has identified Self-Grooming in the car mirror as one of the most common causes of accidents.
We are a nation obsessed with image, which is all very well in the salon but, apparently, it’s causing havoc on the roads.

We have all seen motorists applying make-up or brushing their hair while stuck in traffic, but to do so while the vehicle is moving is clearly a bad idea. According to an article in The Guardian, in the US self-grooming behind the wheel is a big enough problem for the road-safety group Decide to Drive to issue advice on how to avoid it. In the UK, there’s no specific offence of self-grooming while in control of a motorised vehicle, but it is covered by laws against careless driving.

And the other key causes of road accidents cited in the article? …
Spiders: The Department for Transport doesn’t list separate figures for road accidents prompted by spiders, but overall in 2014 police in Britain said distractions of all kinds inside vehicles had been listed as a cause of 68 deaths and 445 serious accidents.

Emotional Turmoil: Motorways are dotted with signs warning drivers to take a break. “Tiredness kills,” they’re told. But their emotional state can be important too. Researchers at Virginia Tech suggest that drivers increase the risk of a crash nearly tenfold when they get behind the wheel “while observably angry, sad, crying, or emotionally agitated”.
Eye Candy: A recent survey in Australia suggested that 59.2% of male drivers were distracted by “good-looking women”. Women were less easily swayed, 15.2% reporting the same reaction to attractive men.

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