GoSkippy is a authorised insurance provider that is regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority. Both our policies and terms of business are monitored by the industry authority and we are committed to providing a transparent service to our clients. Administrative fees are charged separately and we keep them to a minimum. Note that these fees are separate from your insurance premiums.


These are as follows:

  • Annual policy arrangement charges of up to 50% of the insurer’s premium
  • A handling charge of 2.5% will apply if payment is made by credit card
  • Mid-term alterations will be subject to a £50.00 administration charge
  • There will be a charge of £10 per request for all duplicate documentation and non-standard letters
  • On cancellation of your policy a £50 cancellation fee will apply. Furthermore we do not refund any initial charges after the 14 day cooling off period as they were earned for arranging the policy.


We reserve the right to amend the level of charges at any time. You should also note that we will not be responsible for any fines or costs that you incur relating from late delivery of, or incorrect information on, any documentation relating to your insurance.


Should you wish terminate your relationship with us, please find out more about your insurance cancellation rights. If you have any further questions, please contact us.


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