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The Ten Most Dangerous Roads in the World


We’ve been having some pretty wild weather at the moment haven’t we? It would be easy to think that these are the worst driving conditions. However, we’ve found the ten most dangerous roads in the world to get your heart beating and to feel more safe on the roads you use every day.

1.North Yungas Road, Bolivia

This road is known as ‘The Road of Death’ so we couldn’t not include it on this list. At some parts the road is only three metres wide, go over those three metres and you could be heading down a one thousand metre drop! This road links La Paz with Coroico. Waterfalls run through the mountains and can cause dense cloud making visibility low.

2. Zojila, India

This muddy and icy road is littered with crashed cars and over turned buses (not a great sign!) The road stretches between Srinagar and Leh and is the second highest in the Himalayan range standing at 3328 metres high. The roads conditions get so bad during the winter, the road gets closed.

3.Nanga Parbat Pass, Pakistan

This road is very narrow for six long miles. There is no paving which makes it very uneven and no barriers between the road and mountain drop.

4.Rodovia Da Morte, Brazil

Nicknamed ‘The Highway of Death’ by locals this is the second longest highway in Brazil but this isn’t what makes it dangerous. A long cliff section of the road makes this road worthy of being on this list. Poor weather and winding roads mixed with a road on the edge of a mountain is enough to make anyone’s palms a bit sweaty.

5.Taroko Gorge Road, Taiwan

The great views from this road add to the danger. With more tourists wanting to take in the scenery, this road becomes very busy. The road is very narrow with blind corners with rockfalls, landslides, flooding and earthquakes being common. With all this there is no way it can be kept in good conditions.

6.Karakoram Highway, Pakistan to China

Another one that has been carved through the mountains leaving it vulnerable to landslides, falling rocks, floods, avalanches and big cliff drops.

7.Sichaun-Tibet Highway, China

Up at 4,700 metres this road can even cause travellers to have altitude sickness. With hairpin turns, avalanches, mud and rock slides it’s not surprising this road has a death rate of 7500 deaths for every 100,000 drivers.

8. Killar to Panji Road via Kishtwar, India

Expect steep cliffs with no rails, unpaved ground and a lot of mud with this road. This one is for travellers with nerves of steel with its overhanging rocks. It is only open in summer as it is so dangerous. The road was built by villagers but has never been repaired.

9. Route 622 (Svalvogar Road), Iceland

Carved under mountains this is another road that is prone to avalanches, heavy snowfall, stormy winds and landslides. The road is unpaved with a loose surface which is very unnerving when driving next to a steep drop. The road closes between November and April.

10. Austrian Road, Kazakhstan

The last on our list but by no means least (or the safest!) This road joins Austria with Kazakhstan but was only made with shovels and picks making it very unsafe. Bridges often fall into disrepair making it impossible to use and landslides are not unheard of.

Austrian Road, Kazakhstan. Narrow windy road through hillside

Would you dare travel on these roads? Or just like to sit back and let others? However you feel about these roads make sure you stay safe when driving by following our ‘driving in wintery conditions’ guide.