MoT Exemption for classic car lovers

From May 2018, all cars which were first registered more than 40 years ago will no longer need an MoT certificate.

The changes to the annual test will make make it easier for classic car enthusiasts to maintain their cars, but not everyone is happy. This means that any cars registered before 20th May 1978 will no longer need an MoT.

The Department for Transport

The Department for Transport predicts every year 293,000 additional cars will not need an MOT test. With almost 500,000 cars now qualifying to be legally driven without an certificate, fears will grow that many older vehicles on the road may be dangerous.

The Department for Transport believes that the test is no longer relevant to cars that were built over 40 years ago.

The logic behind this decision is that, according to the DFT, is that cars which were registered more than 40 years ago usually maintain in good conditions as they are rarely used.

To comply with the EU roadworthiness directive, The Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) are making changes additional changes to the MoT test in England, Scotland and Wales. Changes include new defect categorisations and vehicle exhaust emissions checks.

The DVSA hopes that the changes benefit MOT testers and customers, with the results easier to understand.

How to declare MOT exemption on your vehicle 

If your vehicle is older than 40 years, when you come to tax your classic car, you can do this either online with the V5 letter or at your local post office. When you declare exemption you must confirm that your vehicle has not been modified from its original design.

You can declare the vehicle as MoT exempt once its had its 40th anniversary date of first registration.

What do we think?

Although some drivers may not think this decision is fair, ‘why should new car owners have to fork out £20-£50 for a yearly MoT?’  Whilst the class car owners are ecstatic with their yearly saving.

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