American company Samson Motors are looking to launch the world’s first 200mph Flying sports car, The Switchblade.

The three-wheel Switchblade is to be launched in Spring 2018 with a starting price at £90,000. The flying car can cruise at an altitude of 13,000 feet with a top speed of 200mph. Each car will also be fitted with a safety parachute, and roll over protection. The two seater car features a retractable tail and extendable wings that can be folded out either manually or automatically.

In ground mode the car’s transmission is a 5 speed unit with a top speed of 100mph. The Switchblade is powered by a 190bhp liquid-cooled 1.6 litre V4 engine, giving the car a range of around 450 miles. Each car is fitted with a reversing camera and a premium sound system.

A full driving license is required for road use, and a private pilots licence is needed to fly it. US law dictates that 51% of the vehicle must be built by the owner, given its experimental/homebuilt classification. With Samson’s professional assistance, this can be completed in three weeks at a Samson Build Assist Centre.

Unfortunately you won’t be able to fly out of traffic jams. With a take off distance of 335m and a landing distance of 488m, The Switchblade may only take off from airports.

A spokesperson for Samson said: ‘You can drive the Switchblade to any public airport to take off, and may land at the same, or any other, public airport.
‘You can also take off and land from any private airport where you have privileges.’

Three versions of the car exist – the Snowbird, for colder climates, the Trek, designed for heavy-duty landing, and Aurora, which combines the Snowbird and Trek.

With Samson trying to take the lead in the race for a flying car, and Aerospace giant Airbus are hoping to have a self-piloting taxi in the air by 2020, we are getting closer to what The Jetsons predicted.

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