Summer is officially over and as the seasons change, so do the roads.
Here’s a few tips to get you through Autumn…


We recommend at least 3mm of tread for the winter, buy new tyres now before the cold sets in. A patch of wet leaves can be as dangerous as hitting standing water – take care and reduce your speed before driving onto them. Leaves can be slippery, especially when wet. Avoid hard acceleration or braking as it can cause skidding. Be aware that there may be a pothole hiding under those leaves covering the road.


The sun being lower in the sky is more likely to be a problem at this time of year. If the sun is in your eyes, it’s blinding other drivers too. If you become dazzled by the sun, slow down.

To Improve Vision

Clear and clean your windscreen and other windows, inside and out, removing the hazy film that builds up. Keep a good antifreeze in your car, ready for those frosty mornings. Glass scratches and chips can intensify the sun’s glare, so get them sorted. Make sure your screen wash is full, and keep a pair of sunglasses in the car.

Wiper Blades

Replace the wiper blades if they appear damaged or worn. If they squeak as they wipe, they probably need replacing.

Clear Out Plenum Chambers

Clear those colourful Autumn leaves from the tray area under the bonnet below the windscreen. If not these blocked trays may fill with water. This water can seep into the car’s electrics, causing potentially expensive and dangerous damage!


Now it’s Autumn, you’ll be using your headlights more. Check all of your lights every few weeks throughout the year, but especially as Autumn starts and we head into the darker months.


Take good care of your car, and it should take good care of you!