Are you Cutting it as a Mobile Hairdresser?

Statistics show that mobile hairdressers are thriving despite stiff competition from high street salons.

Whilst, literally, going head to head with well-established salons and the high competition, freelance hairdressing offers a very different type of service with profitability often being attributed to the low overhead requirements of this particular business model.

As a rough guide, advertising, travel, products and equipment account for around 30% of  turnover leaving room for a tidy profit margin. Mobile hairdressing may well be the way forward.

Obviously as the vehicle is the key component, and is often sign-written as the simplest and most direct advertising medium, insurance has to be right to ensure that the business usage required for this very specific work model, is suitably covered.   Short-term savings through wrongly insured cars have seen many potentially profitable businesses fall at the first hurdle.