What’s legal?

Friday 21st June 2013
How much alcohol can be drunk before being illegal

Drink driving or driving while using your phone are not only dangerous, they are illegal.

But there are plenty of grey areas. What about smoking, eating or putting music on while driving?

Essentially anything that takes your attention off the road puts you and other road users and car insurance holders at risk.

And it’s something that is reflected in the Highway Code.

Public opinion is turning against smoking while driving, according to a survey by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM).

Fifty-six per cent of drivers think smoking while driving should be banned, although almost half of respondents (forty-five per cent) think this would be unenforceable.

Seventy-five per cent of motorists think lighting a cigarette while driving poses a serious distraction and forty-five per cent of respondents would say smoking and driving is as dangerous as using a mobile phone while driving.
Rule 148 in the Highway Code states that safe driving and riding needs concentration and distractions such as smoking, eating, loud music, trying to read maps, inserting a CD or arguing with passengers should be avoided.

It’s not a specific offence to do any of these things.

But if these behaviours are coupled with bad driving or cause you to have an accident, you could face a charge of careless driving, or in serious cases, dangerous driving.

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