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British bank holidays are notorious for having rubbish weather but that’s never stopped us having a barbecue before. To celebrate the last bank holiday of summer 2020 we want you to enjoy your BBQ to the max. Here’s our guide to having the perfect barbecue, even if the weather isn’t great.

Type of Barbecue

There are a few different types of barbecues, from gas, charcoal or even a dedicated smoker for meats. Different barbecues are better for different things. Take a gas barbecue for example, they are extremely convenient. They are super quick to light and can easily be left to pre-heat. You can also adjust the temperature during cooking for perfectly cooked food. They are also easier to clean afterwards compared with a coal BBQ. You will also find that a gas barbeque may be built to last longer with their running costs being lower. A charcoal barbecue is more of a classic barbecue. They can be more affordable and are easier to move around. The great thing about having a charcoal BBQ is the taste it creates, as you are cooking on coals it gives your food a smoked (and authentic) barbecue taste, something that you cannot achieve with a gas BBQ. Charcoal also burns hotter than gas.

Steps for lighting a BBQ

Lighting a gas barbecue is pretty simple, you are essentially igniting the gas from the gas cylinder and turning the burners to your desired cooking temperature. However, lighting a charcoal BBQ can sometimes be more difficult and take longer. The quickest way to get the fire going is to use an aid, something like a chimney starter or a lighter cube are very helpful. If you don’t have access to either of these, you could try lighter fluid or try starting the fire with wood. The key is to get your coals lit. To make sure the fire is started there should be flames and smoke. After this check that all the coals are glowing, and this is when your barbecue is at the right temperature to start cooking. It is a good idea to keep the lid of your BBQ open whilst the fire starts to get going to allow oxygen to get to the fire.


Although you could probably get away with using normal kitchen utensils to flip your burger, specially made barbecue accessories could really help you cook your food evenly. This includes items such as tongs that would also help you stay safe whilst cooking and reduce the risk of burning yourself. Items such as a lighter cube and lighter fluid could also be beneficial accessories.


Now, this could make or break your barbecue. When cooking your food, you should first make sure that your barbecue is at the correct temperature, if this is a charcoal barbecue the coals should be glowing, with a gas BBQ simply turn your burners to the correct heat. Cooking on a barbecue is no different to cooking in a conventional oven. You should time when you put each item on the barbecue so all of your food finishes cooking at the same time. Also have a think about what else you are having to accompany the food being cooked on the BBQ, how long does that take?

So, whether you choose to barbecue this August bank holiday or not we hope you enjoy it. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for our August competition if you are in the market for a new barbecue, this may be one that you want to enter.

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