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Driving can be a major part of our day to day lives, and many believe that we are pretty safe and legal behind the wheel of the car. Yet did you know that the majority of us break at least one law a day, many simply because we don’t know the law.

Distracted Driving?

The RAC state that only 36% of drivers are aware of the new laws regarding mobile phone usage and may not be aware of what the penalties are. This may not be an issue, yet almost 10,000 people have been caught using their phone when driving more than once, with around 240,000 drivers caught last year on their phones. The AA states it is better to just leave it off in your bag until you reach your destination.

Yet, this is not the only distraction when driving, eating, drinking, smoking and applying makeup are also surprisingly common. Statistics state that 64% of drivers have eaten or drank while driving, which again although not illegal may still get you in trouble if you are deemed to be distracted while driving.


Also, according to the RAC over half of UK drivers admit to speeding with the majority having done so when driving on slower roads. Roads with 20mph limits had the worst speeding rates then motorways, despite it being more important in these areas, as often they are around hospitals, schools and residential areas.

Drink Driving?

Drink driving is a surprisingly common activity. Many drivers have stated that they have drank before driving, with 1 in 3 admitting to driving over the limit in the last year (Brake). Also, 1 in 5 admitting to driving the next day after having a lot to drink the night before, despite feeling they were likely to be over the limit. Yet despite, this when asked, 92% of respondents said the drink drive campaigns made them feel ashamed to consider this (gov.uk). But did you know that drink driving can cost you a large sum with huge fines, a large number of points on your licence.

Finally did you know you may also be breaking the law if you; splash pedestrians drive to slow, using your horn or hazards at the wrong times and even having a dirty car could be illegal as cameras/police and others need to be able to read number plates.

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