Where can you find the best burgers in the world?

If you are a burger connoisseur with an appetite for travel then this is the guide for you.  We have done some research into some of the best burgers around the world. We have narrowed it down to our top 7 burger joints, each in a different Country. Have a read, plan your trip and start sampling some of the greatest burgers in the world.

Tokyo – Blacows

‘The golden proportion of flavour’ Blacows is an American style burger joint in the heart of Tokyo. Their meat is 100% kuroge wagyu beef. They grind it by hand and carve it in-house. Not only are the size of these burgers impressive but they are known to be very tasty. Using all fresh ingredients which you get to pick yourself! If you are a burger lover and set to explore Tokyo, Blacows is one of the best burger joints in town.
‘Award-winning’ Italian pickles
Famed French buns
Homemade BBQ sauce with an umami kick                 
Juicy Black Wagyu beef!

Trip advisor rating – 4.5


Mexico – Butcher and sons

This restaurant is known for its delicious burgers but also the unique atmosphere. All of their burgers are names after famous rock musicians such as ‘Prince’ ‘Cash’ and ‘Hendrix’. Butcher and Sons themed diner offer four types of ketchup, truffle oil chips and a gin and tonic menu. If you are thinking about visiting Mexico and rock music is your thing, be sure to get the Butcher and Sons experience.
Monterrey jack cheese
Red onion

Trip advisor rating – 4



Malaysia – The Burger Lab

With their unusual charcoaled buns these burgers definitely offer something different. Don’t let the black buns fool you, these mouth-watering gourmet burgers are very popular. If you find yourself in Malaysia make sure you pay a visit to The Burger Lab. Don’t forget your napkins, these burgers are messy!
Grilled grind beef
Deep fried portabella mushroom
Fried egg
Charcoaled buns

Trip advisor rating – 5


Singapore – Overeasy

‘Delicious American diner fare with delicious add ons.’ Overeasy is a modern interpretation of the classic American diner. If in Singapore, this is the perfect restaurant for a relaxed bite to eat. Within this spacious and welcoming restaurant you will be served all of  your American favourites, from burgers, wings and milkshakes.
Brioche bun
Japanese cucumbers
House made coleslaw
Chipotle mayo

Trip advisor rating – 4


Denmark – Gasoline Grill

This Danish burger joint has been named one of the best in the world. The name gasoline grill is because the first restaurant spot used to be a petrol station. They offer four types of burgers plus a variety of American style sides. Do not be misled by their small and simple menu, it’s all about quality not quantity at this burger joint.
Ingredients –
100% organic ground beef
Chili mayo
Gasoline sauce
Extra cheese

Trip advisor rating – 4.5


New York –  Emily

Emily is one of New York’s favourite eatery’s they are well-known for their pizza’s. However, mid-way through their extensive menu they have the ‘Emmy’ Burger. This isn’t just a normal burger, this burger is very special. Dripping with their famous ‘Emmy sauce’ these burgers are one of the best New York has to offer. Here you have two very good reasons to visit New York.
Ingredients –
Pretzel bun
Dry-aged beef
Charred onion
Melted cheddar
“Emmy Sauce,

Trip advisor rating – 4.5


Mac and Wild – London

‘Voted London’s best at the National Burger Awards in 2016’ Mac and Wild is London’s favourite Scottish restaurant, bringing the best of Scotland to the south. Their mouth-watering menu consists of  wild Scottish meat such as steak, venison, scotch eggs and haggis. The produce is carefully selected from handpicked suppliers in the Highlands. The menu alone is worth the trip, not to mention experiencing a mixture of two cultures in one sitting.
Ingredients –
Caramelised onions

Trip advisor rating – 4


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