Are you interested in travel and looking for inspiration for your next trip? It has become so easy to see some of the most amazing destinations around the world at the click of a button. You may have already come across many travel based social media accounts, but here are our favourite top 10 must follow travel bloggers on Instagram.

1. The blonde aboard  

This Californian travel blogger has left her corporate life to explore the wonders of the world. She didn’t want to wait for anyone, she packed her bags and went off and now travels for 9 months of the year. She’s part of the GoPro family and has featured in so many places including NY times. She is a great photographer and has loads of helpful information for whatever type of trip you wish you do.

2. The pretty cities 

If romantic cities are your thing, then this girl’s blog is your thing. With elegant photography and amazing viewpoints of the cities from her unique perspective, you will certainly be inspired. Having travelled across the western world, this girl has found the ability to see beauty in place we walk every day and portray it in a new light. I can’t get enough.

3. The nomadic boys

For a difference in a blog this one is a must. They are a couple in their 30’s who grew bored of the norm. They show all aspects of what it is like to be a gay couple in different locations and even offer advice for other who want to go exploring. They have been featured in so many places from buzz feed to Expedia and the Huffington post.

4. Follow me

With the #follow me this duo created the iconic follow the hand photo we associate with couples running around and living fast exciting lives. On top of the stunning backdrops to their photos, they even wear designer local clothing making the whole scene truly unreal.  The whole feed just screams adventure. This is truly one to watch.

5. Lili’s travel plans

This girl travels around being glad to actually interact with families and people rather then the #inspirational blogs. She’s been featured on Skyscanner, Autoeurope and so many more. Her blog is all about experiencing new cultures and telling the stories of those around her

6. Loic Lagarde

A French photographer with a key eye for detail, this man has it all. His passions for photography is said to have grown significantly from his experience travelling with air bnb to shoot houses all over the world. Now as a travel photographer you can be sure to see the most amazing views from this talented gentleman from all over the world and be certain this will include some truly breath-taking islands not regularly visited by tourists

7. The longest way home

If you want a fascinating story about a man who has spent the last 10+ years travelling the world, this is currently one of the most read travel blogs. His journey is not that of a typical traveller but a man in desperate search to find a better life somewhere. But he does provide helpful guides to travelling in locations and what to take with you. He provides stunning photography and fascinating insight into the world of living as a nomad and exploring the wonders of the world.

8. Time travel turtle

This blog is about a young man’s desire to tell stories as he explores some of the most secret and fascinating places around the globe. It is also somewhere to inspire you to plan and get inspired with tips and tricks to how to save time, queue times and money. He introduces you to the people he meets along the way and shows you the world heritage sites as many are hard to get to. This is an exciting and relatable blog with wonderful stories that will really get you excited to travel.

9. Global Grasshopper

This is a small team based in the UK that looks for the way to travel in style and discover the most unique and under the radar places. They have won multiple awards for the blog and featured in countless publications. This blog has the most interesting stories and by using the team, you know you are getting good solid information in this blog. The stunning photos are so professional and really entice you to visit these places while allowing you to dream about future trips you could make regardless of if you are a traveller, a holiday maker or just looking to escape for a short while.

10. Never ending voyage

Want an informative and helpful blog for you to visit a variety of locations around the globe? This one is run by a couple who sold everything in 2010 and has since been running all over, living a digital nomad life while trying to do so being a vegetarian. From packing tips, to reviews of books and insurance even accommodation advice is given. This would be the best blog for you when planning your trip with inspirational stories given too.  We couldn’t do this list without including this wonderful couple as they offer the best advice for travellers everywhere.


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