Make the most of this autumn and the last of the sunshine to go exploring some unique cities around the world! Here are our top 5 destinations for visiting this year.


Why visit?

With a variety of places and beautiful autumn scenes, this is a unique and wonderful experience. Flight prices can be quite cheap allowing you to spend more money on the amazing attractions available here.

Things to do

From visiting the old town and some of the amazing statues dotted around the city, to a fantastic once in a lifetime tour to “Auschwitz”. As well as more relaxed bus tours, allowing you to experience the history of this interesting city. If the history doesn’t appeal to you, there are plenty of other things reflecting the culture from a wide range of restaurants to sampling the local cuisines to beautiful architecture and water features.


Why visit?

It is the Capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, it was decimated in the 1990’s during the Bosnian war. However today it has been restored with welcoming cafés and a wide variety of things to do and explore.

Things to do

There is so much to see in this city with a variety of walking tours for all abilities even some explorations of the mountains for the thrill seekers. The city has some amazing architecture like the Avaz Twist Tower. A Place packed with history and culture.


Why Visit?

This angelic capital city of Austria, it lies east of the Danube River and reflects some of its historic residents including Mozart, Beethoven and Freud.  It is perfect for a romantic break or even just to explore a vibrant and creative city.

Things to do

From quaint little cafes to amazing riverside restaurants and a wide range of bars to explore, this city really does have everything to make it a relaxed break. As for sightseeing there are so many beautiful buildings to discover such as the Austrian parliament, The Karlskirche and the Abertina. There’s sweet markets on every day and a wonderful area designated to all your shopping needs. On top of this there is Leopold Museum, stunning parks, and even an amusement park. No matter what you want to do, this is a city for you.


Why visit?

Demark’s  capital city is just full of so much history being in an 18th century rococo district. With links to both areas of Demark and Sweden you can take the trip of a lifetime exploring two countries at once.

Things to do

This wonderful city has so many things to explore and there’s even an opportunity to get a buy a special card for fast track entrance to a wide range of attractions. Which means you don’t need to buy as you go,  saving you both time and money to really enjoy your holiday. Some major attractions available are Amalienborg Palace, The Workers Museum, Baadfarten boat tours, Danish Museum of Science and Technology, Frederiksborg Castle, H.C. Andersen Fairy-Tale House, City Hall Tower and The Øresund Aquarium. This is just a taster of what you can experience in Copenhagen.


Why visit?

This exotic city in Morocco offers a sensual pleasure for you to experience a whole new culture in a friendly and relaxed environment. With the smell of exotic spices in the air, beautiful markets to explore, elegant pools and beautiful countryside to explore, the whole experience with be exciting and fresh.

Things to do

This city offers stunning historical buildings to explore such as the Bahia Palace, the Ben Youssef Medersa and the Saadian tombs, to really offer you an insight into their culture, there are other activities such as a horse drawn carriage tour, spa days performed in traditional style, a French painters restored house that has been turned into a wonderful art museum. There is also the beautiful mountains to explore, canoeing or sleeping under the stars tours, as well as excellent shopping opportunities, it really is a city for everyone.

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